Our Philosophy

We are certainly living on a very interesting edge for mankind. The last 20 years have been so dynamic, with so many technological breakthroughs, that the offering of products and services has surpassed our own capacity of adaptation to them. Sometimes you can get obsolete on a simple gaze before realizing about it and carry on.



We at EmQu Technologies believe that’s how technology should be used, in benefit and at the service of people.

Our portfolio focuses on services and solutions that will automate companies’ processes, tasks and day to day actions, so companies and their human resources can concentrate on the core business.

We believe on developing only state of the art systems and applications that will adapt to customers real needs and goals and not the other way around. We love the feeling of our customers when we have helped them to achieve some success or solve a long old issue.

Sharing is not just a slogan in our company is a reality and we put it into action. We love to share our knowledge, EmQu translates form Sumerian as knowledge and wisdom, and our online training is the reflection of that feeling. We would love that anyone that is interested in technology have the tools and knowledge at reach to try it, experiment and develop something fun, useful and new, even if they live in a remote area.

Technology developments and innovation have been so many and so frequent that for many, all these products and services exploded (and in some cases literally) in our hands and we really didn’t know what to do with all of them.

Lately, technology has been flagged as a “not so much of a friend” of humanity, however, once again, humankind tries to blame it on something else. We should never forget that only people is responsible for their own actions and decisions, technology is only here to help us have a better, more secure, more comfortable life. It’s our responsibility how and how much we embrace it, and who we share it with.

Technology could help a CEO or management board to make better, faster and more responsible decisions based on the information provided by an executive dashboard, which could lead for that management board to spend more time with their families. A 3D printer could show the grandparents the sculpture made by his grandson 4,000 Kms away from them, on the very same day it was made, to make them feel part of that moment. Even telephone helped people get closer, but the decision to make and answer that call its responsibility of each person.


If we can help inspire a kid to develop a new irrigation system for their community or an algorithm to enhance food production, or just a new fun app, we would feel that we contributed with something meaningful during our time on this planet.

Look for continuous improvement in all of your life aspects and then share and spread the knowledge!