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EmQu’s Solutions 


Executive Dashboards

Medium and Large companies need a lot of enterprise systems to be able to monitor the company’s health, performance and growth. However is not uncommon that these enterprise systems are not compatible between them and data gathering could be painful and still needs to be processed into valuable, readable information.

EmQu Technologies developed an Executive Business Dashboard where C- level and decision maker executives can view useful information on a single screen.

We deal with the enterprise systems and deliver an easy, yet reliable tool, that gives you the edge against competition by saving time to take immediate action.

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Software Development

We work alongside with our customers since the concept design of their software or application needs to ensure the right understanding and effectiveness of the final product.

Based on the requirements we research the best and top of the notch available technologies that can bring that added value that can be the differentiator with their competence. A brainstorming between our team and the customer focus the development so that ideas become a reality.

We will always perform to exceed your expectation.

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EmQu Learning

Our people is our greatest asset. We strongly believe that a well educated team works better, is more efficient and creates a better working environment, hence, we would like to share the knowledge with our customers.

Our online training courses are design to work together with the student, hands on examples and step by step tasks are explained during the training.

We also identified that in some areas language could be a barrier, so we would like to erase that gap by providing training on the student’s native language, such as Spanish.




Internet of Things 

This would be one of the most promising and exciting fields of action for the next ten years.

However not many companies have achieved a real applied product for IoT. EmQu technologies takes pride on being pioneer on this type of applied solutions.

We have developed real state management services, logistics and security applications powered by IoT devices.

We continuously work and envision new solutions applying IoT. Some of the solutions are ahead of its time and we can help to direct the solutions to today’s needs and client’s capacities.


Project Management

Management Services have become a viable alternative for some companies where the CFOs, and other executives, prefer this financially friendly option to take care for some areas of their business.

Nevertheless there’s always concern and risk when leaving those services to a 3rd party that is not involved within the company.

At EmQu we sympathize with this concerns and that’s why we only send the better trained people to take care of our customers services.

We have 20+ years of experience on Project Management and Consultancy services for Carrier Class Network Architecture, Security at Service Provider Level, Data Center, Cloud Based Services, Mobile Networking, Enterprise Management Systems (SAP), and Data Security Protection.

All our consultants and PMs are certified by world class authorities.


Automation & Orchestration

Efficiency is the key to be more productive and increase revenue. To do more with less is a goal that sometimes is very hard to accomplish.

We have successfully helped our clients in achieving their automation goals by focusing on 2 automation processes:

1) Repetitive Tasks – We automate day to day tasks on infrastructure components so your personnel can have more time and concentrate on other business units.

2) Incident Solution – Automatic and intelligent solution to incidents by using specifically designed fluxes of action, business oriented analysis and course of action.